OCCAM is the Observatory for Cultural and Audiovisual Communication in the Mediterranean and in the World established in 1997 by UNESCO.
After a series of initiatives in the mediterranean area affected by war, such as
In 2000 the project was validated and OCCAM given full autonomy. Since2003 it is formally associated to United Nations.
OCCAM works on the transformations that the Digital Revolution induces on global development.
It is the Acting Agency of the Infopoverty Programme; it is seated inMilan, Piazza Duomo, 21.
It has a permanent secretariat at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.
It founded the Infopoverty Institute at the University of Oklahoma.
It develops its activities in four Continents – Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.
Its Board has involved personalities of different nationalities: Egyptian, French, English, American, Albanese, Honduran, Italian, and other 15 countries.
It is chaired by Pierpaolo Saporito, High Level Advisor of the United Nations Alliance for ICTs and Development.
Our Mission
Since its foundation OCCAM works so that the most disadvantaged communities of the world can take advantage of the benefits new technologies can offer in difficult social, economical and environmental conditions.
Its mission is: to eradicate extreme poverty and foster the achievement of Millennium Development Goals promoted by United Nations in 2000.



to grant education to young people in emerging countries. for the training of adults, from the basic literacy teaching to the specialist medicine courses. to grant better health conditions to children, mothers, disabled, elderly people, and all disadvantaged communities.to promote a sustainable development, respectful of environmental communities.to increase the value of technological innovation and its applications, as effective development factor.Why in Milan?
In 1996 the main institutions of Milan asked UNESCO to seat OCCAM in the Lombard capital.
In particular, the following institutions signed the Agreement that was instrumental for OCCAM’s creation: The city of Milan The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Craft and Agriculture; ASSOLOBARDA – Lombardy Entrepreneurial Association; Fondazione CARIPLO; Fiera Milano Milan is the most international among Italian cities, in the centre of the relations with Europe and the rest of the World, the most advanced in the field of new technologies and innovation in general, in addition to its traditional care for the needs of the most disadvantaged populations.

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