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Welcome to OCCAM

 the Observatory on the cultural and audiovisual communication, founded by UNESCO in 1996 to fight poverty through the development of the ICTs.
Throughout its history, our institution has been guided by the core principle of – in the words of UN General Secretary – becoming a pilot explorer of the digital revolution.
From our establishment as an experimental agency that helps to search and apply the best practices, OCCAM has played a vital role in promoting the social use of ICTS ensuring the capacity of the UN system to accelerate the process of development for the disadvantaged community.
As new challenges of the digital revolution have arisen, the United Nations has consistently called on OCCAM  to develop solutions that keep us a step ahead. OCCAM has created in 2001 the Infopoverty Programme, consisting in the creation of ICT-Villages in remote areas, able to assure to the population the primary services in food security, e-health and e-learning.


During 15 years, the Infopoverty World Conference, held in the UN Headquarters in New York, illustrated the results of its actions, becoming a pole of discussion and attraction of the most innovative people, institutions and companies in the planet. Now, the partnerships established with governments, industries, UN IGO and academic institutions constitute a pole of reference for a new approach of cooperation and a strong support to the rise of the progresses made by the communities using properly the new technologies. OCCAM also continues to focus on its mission promoting  the role of the UN to drive the digital revolution   momentum: orienting the innovation to the social primary needs and moderating the speculative behavior
OCCAM also manages a significant number of researches and development programs focused on a broad range of  the application of  the global platform of digital services, able to ensure a fundamental science and engineering capability pushing the forefront of technology.
OCCAM with its network of 200 partners upholds a strong set of core values: integrity, excellence, teamwork, respect for each other, and placing service to the United Nations as our highest duty.”
Pierpaolo Saporito
President Occam & Infopoverty Programme at UN

15th Infopoverty

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