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How to build a fairer and more inclusive Digital Society?

As transpired from the discussion of the XX Infopoverty World Conference – “Towards the Digital Society inspired by SDGs”, a mosaic of new trends has emerged, deeply influencing the life of people all around the world, following the adjustments of the public and private sector to the ongoing situation. Governance, education, economy, logistics and energy are among the sectors touched by the process. In addition, a great acceleration was detected in terms of new paradigms, determining the birth of a new, globally interconnected society, based on platforms and pervasive algorithms. A great number of bottom-up solutions were registered in the last year alone to solve different problems and to overcome long-standing gaps and delays. However, more has yet to be accomplished. A fairer Digital Society promotes the sharing of knowledge, elevating the standards of social life, encouraging women and young people, preserving the planet, giving a strong great impulsion to environmental and social justice issues.
There is a great challenge upon us: overcoming the socio-economic gap in energy, housing, and food security by implementing human-oriented digital solutions, providing basic elements of e-welfare to all, including services such as telemedicine, food security, e-learning. These are the real scopes of the Digital Era. How can the United Nations relaunch strategies and alliances empowering digital solutions to support the great masses of poverty-stricken citizens, as well as tackling the climate crisis? Can we increase these efforts which involve the whole of humanity to accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, envisioning a new society?


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