16th Infopoverty

FLYER 16th Infopoverty

Conference Room 12,United Nations Headquarters, New York (reported on UNTV) Infopoverty World Conference, ICTs as the tools for everyone to achieve dignity and freedom.

26-27th February 2016

Catania The Mediterranean in the Digital Era. The health safety in the migrants’ emergency for the joint development of the coastal populations

15th Infopoverty

The Infopoverty World Conference has reached its 15th consecutive edition at the UN Headquarters, setting itself as an annual appointment for the high-level participants to confront themselves and to evaluate the progress...

14th Info Poverty

Approaching 2015 at the conclusion of the MDGs plan, it appears evident that the new technologies, and in particular the digital ones, have played an important role in changing our societies and could accelerate even more the achievement of these goals....



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8 novembre, streaming Conferenza stampa a palazzo Marino di presentazione:
pierpaolo saporito


COP22: Marrakech 17th november 2016, h:  900am, room 5.
Infopoverty Seminar present:


The new technologies are changing the world: radicated problems today can find solutions thanks to new digital low cost applications able to face the challenge of environmental and sustainable development, accelerating the achievement of the SDGs. Now, the arising of the global connectivity, made possible by the spreading use of mobile phones and smartphones, internet and computers, allows the exchange of information and the provision of services able to empower people skills and capabilities.