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The Infopoverty Programme was established to concretely help the poorest and most disadvantaged populations in the developing world through the use of Information and Telecommunication Technologies (ICTs). The Infopoverty Programme operates as the executive arm of the deliberations of the Infopoverty World Conferences stated in the final declarations drafted at the end of each Conference. It puts into practice the guidelines issued by the Conference through the creation of the ICT villages model. Such a model follows a process of flexible intervention easily replicable in many areas of the globe and provides various services designed to promote endogenous and sustainable development processes. 

It is composed of:

  • Infopoverty World Conference: it takes place every year at the UN Headquarters, in videoconference with parallel sessions in various countries. It is the occasion for drafting and validating the Programme.

  • Infopoverty Seminars and Webinars: held throughout the year, they take place in the framework of the UN activities, as working sessions of the Programme.

  • Infopoverty Exhibitions: they present the best practices and most advanced technological innovations. 

  • ICT Villages: The model follows a process of flexible intervention easily replicable in many areas of the globe and provides various e-services designed to promote endogenous and a sustainable development process.

  • Infopoverty Platforms: they are used to connect the communities with international assistance centres specialized in telemedicine, e-learning, e-governance, and food security.



The Infopoverty World Conference is one of the best-known initiatives of OCCAM. The Conference represents, for its continuity, operational capability and strong interoperability with the UN system, a unique global forum, gathering leading experts, academics, opinion leaders, managers, government officials and philanthropists. 

Over the years, the Infopoverty World Conference hosted speeches from more than a thousand representatives. It works in collaboration with the UN System and other large international organizations and institutions, avant-garde companies, universities and pioneers of the digital revolution, looking to find winning digital solutions to fight poverty and achieve sustainable development.

The different editions of the Conference have been organized in partnership with the European Parliament Office in Milan, and have received the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic, the Patronage of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Italy and other acknowledgements from national and international institutions.

The annual editions of the Infopoverty World Conference held at the UN Headquarters in New York are always in videoconference with other institutional offices around the world and live-streamed on the UN WebTV.

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XXI Infopoverty World Conference

"How to build a more inclusive and fairer Digital Society?"

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"How smart cities can fight poverty eliminating slums and promoting smart villages for rural development"

"Transferring knowledge and adequate technologies"

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"Next sustainable development goals: the challenge before the Digital Era"

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"ICTs – Innovations for Nation building and the empowerment of people"

IWC 11.jpg

"e-Services: The new paradigm for development and the achievement of the MDGs "

IWC 9.jpg

"ICT’S good use, abuse, refuse towards the Millennium Development Goals "

IWC 7.jpg

"Harnessing the use of ICTs toward the MDGs"

IWC 5.png

"Actors and strategies for development sigital technology to fight poverty"

IWC 3.jpg

"New tools and best practices for development. The role of ICTs in reaching the MDGs"

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"Possible solutions"

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"Towards the Digital Society insipired by SDGs"

IWC 18.png

"Collective creativity and digital innovation: forging inclusive partnerships to sustain peace and development"

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"ICTs as the tools for everyone to achieve dignity and freedom"

IWC 14.jpg

"How the digital innovations can accelerate the achievement of the MDGs"

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"Who drives the digital revolution? Development through innovation"

IWC 10.jpg

"How the digital revolution can defeat poverty and Achieve the Lisbon and MDGs"

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"Low coast – Smart technologies to fight poverty and save the planet"

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"Fighting poverty to create prosperity for all"

IWC 4.jpg

" New frontiers of the ICTs: services for development"

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"From possible solutions to actions"

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