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Jeffry Williams introduced Worldwide Tech Connections at the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference

Linguistic diversity in global information networks and universal access to information are at the heart of the digital society debate.

The development of new information and communication technologies (ICT) offers opportunities, reduces language barriers, and promotes universal access to information, as presented by JEFFRY WILLIAMS, Founder & CEO, Worldwide Tech Connections.


 “Thank you, Mr. Psaras. I have been very excited about today. I've been hearing of all the various things that are needed and I'm so thankful to be able to show you the solution today of how to communicate effectively because how are we supposed to collaborate if we can't speak to one another when we do speak to one another are we meeting them where they are so in other words for worldwide tech that also means incorporating dialects. As you come in today you can speak Spanish alone if you have 26 different dialects Arabic has 16 different dialects so it will understand you if you speak into it as well and you'll be able to hear it out at the same level. So without further delay, my biggest goal today is just to show you the sizzle so I hope you can sit back with this kind of follow-along.
The company Worldwide Tech Connections has been around now for seven years I'd like to start first with one of our programs that we are doing right now at the Denver International Airport we're making that facility compliant in communication for those that are familiar with the title 6 Civil Rights Act that understands that communication must also be all correspondence with the speed in the language of the constituent.
So this is the interface I will show you a picture of the Chios, 50 Chios turning on next Friday at the International Airport. So this will be what you see there, there will be advertising on the side as everything is TTYD and fully accessible at all levels for blind, deaf, deafblind, and in one hundred spoken languages. Passengers will be able to go and change their flights in their native language so as they speak Arabic the airline representative will hear it in English and vice versa. They will be able to do their eats, will be able to order food and at the same time have that collaboration that conversation that we're talking about with global text messaging so you'll be able to type in your native keyboard as well as you'll be able to speak in your native language based on your capabilities of education. 
So I ask you to go on if you just bring up their survey for me, please. So in this interface, as they select you can see we're in English up you're going to go and pick them, so the goal was to bring people together understanding that normally you get a translated document but with that document, you've been asked to write in English your answers. We felt that it was inefficient so because of that we created a system where you can type on your native keyboard, and speak in your native language and it will be able to receive what it will push to you because it saves in both the native language plus the language for your country or your needs so then that way we can process that information in real-time without the assistance of a translator.
If you do need one one could be ported in as well. It allows people to be able to utilize everything with that inclusivity being able to be already taken care of. Not only is our spoken word happening here, but we have several school districts with almost 1/4 of a million people right now throughout the United States in higher learning where the teacher speaks the student receives everything bilingually in their native language plus English in everyone in their classrooms. All they have to do to come in is to have a QR code or the head of the URL link like you did today. If a parent comes up to speak all they have to do is hit that QR code and the parent can speak directly to the teacher without any other services in place. 
Worldwide Tech Connections have been focused on what you do when there's a need but you don't have resources in place: who fills that gap? That's who we are. We also have the only context engine in the world that allows those school teachers as well they're going to have the opportunity to have their profiles. So let's say that you have the word “Turkey“. Well if you're a history teacher of course that's a country but if you are earth science it needs to be a bird. We constrain the word that's “foot“so let's say that you are a mathematician then, of course, it's a unit of measurement but if you're a gym teacher it's a body part. So Worldwide Tech Connections can make sure that all of those words have the exact meaning that you want them. 
Also known in multiple cultures we don't have corresponding words so it has to be explained. In our schools alone we have over 200 different acronyms so when you speak the acronym it expands it out for the user on the other side as well but if they don't have a word, like in Swahili if I say this is mine they don't even have an award for that because everything is communal so we have to explain that word so very proud of being able to do that as well. 
This is our base interface what we do is speech to text, text text, text to speech this is setting it up as a bilingual here she types, you'll see it's 200 milliseconds from the stream so we can take a bot we can have a live conversation and put that in 100 hundred plus spoken languages in real-time. Colleen if you don't mind turn on your microphone over there and speak as well, both microphones the one in front of you as well.

Jeffrey’s collaborator speaks to a microphone: 
“Benefits of this have you in a classroom as well as other organizations little bit about myself as the director of education in our just company so being able to stand in front of a classroom of several students and have a variety of languages and they could walk away having a bilingual transcript they could walk away having the knowledge of not only their native language in the proficiency of that but also the English proficiency and then also the benefits of taking that home and having the assistance at home with parents that have limited English proficiency as well”.

As she was talking you could see it was transcribing it. We do take the entire sentence to complex language structures around the world. Let's say in German the verb is at the end so we don't know the values of the preceding words until that happens. So proud of being able to do that. We've also leveraged all of the servers from around the world in all the various styles of language so the very first thing that we did was interpret all of our language codes to be able to normalize any aspect or any player in this hemisphere to be able to utilize our platform. 
On top of it add a grammatical engine where nodes with the noun, the pronoun, and the adjectives every language has that content engine to guarantee the delivery of the words and the content that's needed as well as have our own speech-to-text dictionaries that how it will take an utterance any sound and make a value so if someone has a stroke and they don't have access to be able to use speech technology for even a bed to take them up but worldwide tech we can sample that and push it out as straight English for them. 
So we're very excited about what we've been showing as well the last thing that I'd like to show you is how it is how I look forward to the world consuming information and videos so with that this is a gentleman, he's very popular around the world we've been putting him in language for over 5 years now and as I want to show you are the player so this is the first time it's ever been seen so I hope that you don't mind me showing a little groundbreaking moment here.
So the difference in this player is that when we hit the closed captioning it's already running in 608708 on P40 which is all the closed captioning to the right, actually the headphones when we click that it's going to take his speech away to put it in that language. So it would be the spoken language to promote education and then last but not least the hand side will show you how we can also promote ASL for full inclusion and equity for everyone with that being said if you could go in and play the video for me please miss Colleen.
So as you see this is going to allow us the opportunity not only to assess and talk to people but also to train people on technology and be in relationship with each other in customer service worldwide tech also has the sole source documentation as the only resource to be able to make a phone call to a landline without any application in between. So if you want to be able to call someone in another country let's say in Arabic again you would just speak English. Set it up as the bridge between the source language and the language being received they would speak that language and come back. 
For our medical community, it also transcribes everything in language. One of our biggest issues right now is our workforce and so if we could expand the capabilities of our workforce because they already have their educational capabilities and we can put them in language so that way we could we could harness and optimize what we have then that is where we're focused so worldwide tech thank you is the opportunity for us to come together as so globally without language barriers. Thank you.”


The FINAL DECLARATION of the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference is now available! The Plan of Action including a list of projects and proposals that emerged from the discussion will be available soon. STAY TUNED!

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