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Aldo Torreggiani at the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference

Comprehensive tools to assess the sustainability of rural businesses are needed. Collaboration among stakeholders drives the project to develop a framework for sustainable business modeling, targeting community classification, food production, agricultural support, and training programs.

A digital platform, empowered by AI, streamlines data collection and decision-making processes. The project's goal is to establish replicable business models, underlining the importance of international cooperation in poverty alleviation efforts, as illustrated by ALDO TORREGIANI, High-Level Advisor for Sustainable Policies, Italy


“I greet the participants in this session of the Infopoverty World Conference and thank you for the invitation. I am part of a team that is designing artificial intelligence applications for sustainable rural business models.
Rural communities are under pressure to adopt sustainable business and production models that take into account, not only economic aspects but also social and environmental ones. Moving towards more sustainable business and production systems requires adequate tools and measurement methods to assess the multi-functionality of rural businesses. 
On these premises the project we are promoting aims to create business and production solutions in view of a generalized welfare for all defining a sustainable business modeling framework that is research-based and enhanced by a digitalized approach.  Artificial intelligence powered with data from pilot villages in European and African regions.  In doing so we intend to create new opportunities for the economic growth and sustainable development of the communities involved through cooperation among farmers on the field agents research institutes, public and private stakeholders and non-governmental organizations. 
The project will be outlined in four different phases classification and census of the rural communities, production, and commercialization of healthy food, support and training on sustainable agricultural techniques. Raising awareness about the importance of consuming local and organic products.  Training programs for youth, professionalization, and job creation, workshops to exchange experiences and teach sustainable practices to inhabitants. 
Service provision of basic telemedicine, e-learning, and governance services to define the business model the business model previews. The combination of internationally recognized approaches specifically employed in social and human sciences. The overall research framework is based on the business model canvas disseminated by a meta plan approach, such methodology, digitalized, and user-friendly, encourages, structured and systematic active participation of rural communities to create a more inclusive and balanced decision-making process.
Creation of a digital platform, supported by artificial intelligence, recognizing the relevant digital technologies could play socially oriented, the data to be a required through research questionnaires and already existing records Feed the digital platform that will host met plan sessions while also storing data out of the groups and research the platform will feed the artificial intelligence modules to allow for basic predictive and analysis and suggest solutions to specific problems replicability of the business models in order to make the business models defined for and adopted by each identified rural community, successful and replicable
A set of macro indicators will made available for all stakeholders and encompass social, economic, and sustainability. Digital tools employed and created will enable the replicability of the business models, and the best practices tested in the rural communities involved to a wider public testing to the importance of international cooperation in prioritizing the fight against poverty, through the guarantee of human rights and the provision of welfare services for all.
As well as the Infopoverty World Conferences have been doing for the past 20 years. I hope that the Infopoverty World Conference continues to achieve great success in the future. Thank you.”


The FINAL DECLARATION of the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference is now available! The Plan of Action including a list of projects and proposals that emerged from the discussion will be available soon. STAY TUNED!

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