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Pierpaolo Saporito and Patrizio Civili closed the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference


“We would like to thank all the participants, we take note of the remarks related to the importance of relaunching the eMedMed Project – endorsed by Union for Mediterranean on October 2013 – to be included with all the other proposals that emerged today into a well-oriented Action Plan. At the same time, our Secretary at OCCAM will draft the Final Declaration, as well as all the statements to be approved and integrated: they will be our point of reference and our legacy for the UN.”


“Let me say that I found this Conference perhaps the most interesting of all the Infopoverty conferences I have attended, and I have been to most of them. Each conference has contributed important facts and knowledge, but I found this conference to be uniquely rich in terms of the depth of insight that it has introduced. One such insight, that was not especially highlighted in the conference agenda but emerged strongly from the discussion, was the key contribution that AI can make to education.  And we have learned, we have been reminded, that understanding human nature is key to studying how best to place AI at the service of people and human welfare. I read recently in the New York Times the obituary of Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist who, without ever studying economics, won a Nobel Prize in that discipline and founded a new branch of knowledge in that field, cognitive economics.  The obituary included a quote of his to the effect that, if he were to start his career now, he would be choosing to study artificial intelligence as it is now perhaps the most exciting, the most insightful way of looking at human nature. 


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