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Andrea Alessandro Giacomini launched the project "Hydrogen Revolution in Housing" during the 23rdbInfopoverty World Conference

Giacomini Spa's innovative approach to sustainability through the development of a hydrogen-based energy storage and management system, emphasizes the necessity for storing renewable energy due to its intermittent nature and proposes hydrogen as an ideal solution.

Giacomini's patented technology utilizes catalytic combustion of hydrogen to produce heat without emissions. The system comprises various components, including electrolyzers and fuel cells, managed by an AI-powered system. It's designed to be scalable, adaptable, and easily installed worldwide. Maintenance is simplified, and at the end of its life cycle, the units can be recycled without generating hazardous waste

ANDREA ALESSANDRO GIACOMINI, CEO & Head of Public Affairs at Giacomini Spa, introduced the Hydrogen Revolution in Housing, a project by Giacomini.


In 1998 Andrea Alessandro Giacomini joined Giacomini Spa, his family's company, while still a student. Rising through the ranks, he now serves as co-owner and CEO overseeing operations in the production department and public affairs. Additionally, he leads as President of the Board of Directors at 1225 North Loop Investments, the premier Italian-based Real Estate Investment Group in Houston, Texas. Committed to his heritage and community, he founded The Cavaliere Del Lavoro Alberto Giacomini Foundation, which promotes tourism, art, culture, and environmental conservation in the Lake Orta territory. Andrea embodies entrepreneurial leadership and philanthropic vision, shaping a brighter future for business and society.
“Distinguished delegates and esteemed guests gathered at this prestigious global conference at the United Nations headquarters; it is with immense honor and profound gratitude that I address you today, also in the name of the commendation Maria Adua Filzoli, as a delegate of Giacomini Spa at the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference. I want to express my sincerest appreciation to the President of OCCAM, Pierpaolo Saporito, for granting me this extraordinary opportunity to address such an esteemed audience in this renowned international forum.
The topics we are addressing are the implementation of clean energy solutions, the ethical use of water as an essential resource for the health and prosperity of people and the planet, and preserving the environment through development policies aimed at promoting equitable and successful progress, inevitably lead me to reflect on the figure of my father, Alberto, and the legacy he has passed down to us.
Alberto Giacomini was born in a small village of 300 inhabitants above Lake Orta, and always considered it a small Paradise on Earth, one of many that make up the world: a place to preserve, protect, develop, and pass on to future generations.
From here, starting with artisanal production in a small stable, he founded the Giacomini company. Inspired by the water of our lake and the surrounding forests, essential for releasing oxygen crucial to our lives, he established a company aimed at producing components and systems that, starting from water, would provide energy and comfort to the buildings where people live, work, and coexist.
Producing solutions to improve people's lives, health, and well-being, but with respect for nature: all of this is in our DNA, familial and corporate. Armed with his and our belief that making products for sustainable human well-being requires more effort, commitment, money, and time to be understood, but during this slow growth, we come to build solid and lasting foundations, much more than can be done with industrial logics based solely on profit and quick, distracted deals.
We are approaching the 75th year of our company's existence: As a multinational corporation, we operate in more than 120 countries. Our expertise lies in providing innovative solutions for the distribution of drinking water, intelligent management of thermal energy, and advanced climate control systems that prioritize both comfort and energy efficiency.
Now, in a complex global period that demands an ecological and digital transition, we are ready to transform once again: we will realize our "Hydrogen and Sustainability District" in a newly acquired industrial area where the development of the new hydrogen boiler will be completed, a project that started twenty years ago through the collaboration of Alberto Giacomini with Engineers Servilio Goira and Pietro Quirico, culminating in the unveiling of the first-generation hydrogen burner at the 2006 Turin Olympics Games. Our boiler has reached the fifth generation: we have concretely tackled the research and development of sustainable generators, installing some units around the world in collaboration with selected partners, and consistent with our established philosophy of constantly testing - whether at home or in controlled environments - the proper functioning of the technologies that we then make available to the market.
I would like to end with this contemplation: throughout history, we have consistently found inspiration in water, the fundamental essence of life. Green hydrogen, derived from water, serves as the fuel for the hydrogen burner. This innovative technology continuously produces water as a byproduct in a never-ending cycle. A symbolic image of hope and rebirth: just like that of our lake “Lake Orta”, dead from acid pollution linked to industrial development and now, almost 30 years after the only successful liming intervention in the world, wholly healed with pure waters, entirely comparable to the original ones. 
Since its inception, Giacomini and its people have epitomized the concept of an extended family. I extend my gratitude in the name of my family and on behalf of the commendation of Maria Adua Filzoli and all our employees, who constitute our community and true wealth. Thank you”.


The FINAL DECLARATION of the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference will include the most relevant insights that emerged from the discussion and will include a list of projects and proposals suggested by the speakers.

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