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Mariama Samake, Giacomini Spa, intervened during the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference

Promoting renewable energy in developing regions like Africa is vital for alleviating poverty and improving livelihoods. Access to clean energy transforms communities by providing reliable electricity for homes, schools, and businesses, enhancing health, education, and economic opportunities.

Giacomini Spa, a sustainability-focused company, plans to extend its efforts to rural areas by offering hydrogen boilers. These innovative solutions provide clean and efficient heating, reducing reliance on traditional fuels.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are crucial for achieving global sustainability goals, enabling tailored solutions that foster sustainable development, as recalled by MARIAMA SAMAKE, Communication & Institutional Relations at Giacomini Spa.


“With great pleasure, I echo Andrea Giacomini's warm greetings to extend a heartfelt salutation to all esteemed participants of this significant assembly convened in a venue as emblematic as the United Nations headquarters.
Developing renewable energies in Africa and other third-world countries is not just a matter of sustainability but also a fundamental step towards combating poverty and creating a better life for all. As a so of Africa, I am honored to share my vision on this important issue. Access to sustainable energy is a fundamental right that can transform the lives of millions, offering them opportunities for economic growth, education, and improved health.
One of the main challenges facing third-world countries is the lack of access to reliable and affordable energy sources. By adopting renewable energies such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, these countries can break free from energy poverty and build a more sustainable future.
In this challenge, young people must take center stage. They represent the key to our future and must actively participate in the energy transition. They will inherit the consequences of climate change and environmental degradation. By involving young minds in developing and implementing renewable energy projects, we can harness their creativity and innovation to find sustainable solutions that benefit both people and the planet.
The potential of renewable energies in Africa and other third-world countries is immense. The continent is endowed with abundant natural resources such as sunlight, wind, and water that can be harnessed to generate clean and sustainable energy. With suitable investments in infrastructure and technologies, these countries can surpass traditional energy systems and embrace a future powered by renewable sources.
Giacomini is committed to transforming homes, workplaces, and public spaces into more sustainable, comfortable, and energy-efficient places. The company aims to extend this mission to the rural context of third-world countries, thus contributing to the decarbonization process. Our vision is a world where every indoor environment can become an example of energy efficiency and well-being, preserving the health of the planet and improving people's quality of life.
For some time, Giacomini has identified hydrogen as a concrete solution to contribute to the planet's decarbonization. For twenty years, we have been developing hydrogen boilers with catalytic reactions, driven not only by economic interests but, above all, by our fundamental values. Giacomini aims to share the sustainable and green energy solutions that our Research and Development Centre has been working on for over two decades, solutions that we have already implemented in Europe through various collaborations.
We know that the challenge of sustainable energy concerns not just one continent or region but the whole world. It is a commitment that requires global collaboration, knowledge exchange, and concrete actions.
In this context, the Infopoverty World Conference is an important platform for sharing our experiences, learning from others, and working together for a more sustainable and equitable future for all. We are ready to contribute to this global debate actively and use our skills and solutions to improve a better world for future generations.
Before handing over to my colleague, Engineer Guido Galliani, who will further delve into the topic, I would like to conclude with a quote from our founder, Cavaliere del lavoro Alberto Giacomini: "Only genuine progress, alongside the preservation of natural resources like sun, water and air, can truly save the world. Thank you.”


The FINAL DECLARATION of the 23rd Infopoverty World Conference is now available! The Plan of Action including a list of projects and proposals that emerged from the discussion will be available soon. STAY TUNED!

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